Solutions that fit multicultural society and ensure you will not miss any diverse talent

Organizations strive to increase their diversity that are critical for business performance.

Tailored interviews, assessments and managerial tools for multicultural cultivation reduce bias and improves your business outcomes.

Culture affects the individuals’ motivations.

Assessments and tools which fit the individual’s culture ensure multicultural motivations identification.

Organizations are focused on diversity and invest many resources in managers’ training

Best practice knowledge shares available in one click facilitates the recruitment of multicultural candidates and the development of multicultural employees.

What do customers think about us?

Testimonies of our customers from the Governmental sector, Non-Governmental Organizations and from Business companies who lead in diversity and inclusion

Gali, Recruitment manager at Amdocs

‘The motivations diagnosis manages to reach depth and optimally allows the candidate to express the most powerful engines in their personality structure. The diagnosis’ output helps the interviewer navigate the interview more easily and in later stages, when the candidate is hired - will help their manager. I strongly recommend using the motivations diagnosis’

Meirav from HP

‘Crazy! The way a relatively short interview and questionnaire can produce such an accurate report that analyzes a person’s abilities so precisely. The report is written clearly and gives feedback to candidates and employers who can draw conclusions and improve behaviors’

Tamar, student in a Ministry of
Immigrant Absorption program

‘With the help of the report, I was able to better understand the work formation that I need. Also, when I look for a job, I will be able to take notice of emphases that I did not consider important in the past such as: the type of direct manager’

Anna - program director at
the Ministry of Absorption

‘I enjoyed all of the diagnosis’ stages very much. Although it was done in front of a keyboard it still felt as though I was telling you a story and sharing an experience. I believe that any employer will want to use the tool because he will get the best out of his employee and know how to motivate him in the most positive way possible’

Rawan, Economic & Accounting Graduate –
participant in Kav Mashve program

‘Before using the diagnosis, I thought that any job I’d be accepted to within the framework of my degree would be suitable. The diagnosis helped me build the criteria for the suitable role for me and identified in me motivations that I hadn’t emphasized at all. Now, thanks to the diagnosis, I know exactly which type of job is the most suitable for me’

Tara, Economic & Accounting
Graduate – participan
in Kav Mashve program

‘The motivations diagnosis translated my personality characteristics and what motivates me in the best way. The diagnosis helped me understand which jobs I should l be looking for, what type of work suits me and most importantly how to get the job and how progress in it and what sort of people to have around me. Thank you for building such an accessible and successful diagnosis’

*Kav Mashve – Non-Governmental Organization promotes the successful integration of Arab professionals in the business sector