Integrating, optimizing and boosting HCM infrastructures capacity, performance and intelligence

Boosting HCM infrastructures

Easy to use tools that match your needs

One platform to manage all

Bring Integration, Agility and Intelligence to optimize employee life cycle management to success.

Make Your Life Easier and More Enjoyable

You work with many unsynchronized systems. Thant’s why we created AlohaView platform with ready to use integrated tools and assessments that support your work.

All Solutions Available in One Click

We put a lot of efforts in order to create a Real Time and intuitive platform for Great User Experience. So, you will not have to strive for user friendly digital systems.

Get a Clear and Full Picture

Our platform manages the entire employee life cycle. It personalizes candidates and employees; manages personal development and increasing engagement.

Agility as a mindset

Different companies have various needs and look for customized solutions. Therefore, agility is a guiding principle in everything we develop, design and offer to our customers.

From Data to Insight to Action

Organizations are looking for up-to-date tools to meet the challenges brought on by the rapid changes in the work landscape. AlohaView provides unique solutions and experience in addition to common methods, which delivers accurate insights to support your decisions.